lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008


Coming very soon...

There's more stuff coming this winter: More designs, new colorways for the CAP LIVING tee and, what's new, a couple of hi quality hoddies, which will be very limited.
This time T-shirts fit and quality are going to improve: about 200 - 210 gr/m2 ris-pun cotton, which is more than lots of huge skateboarding companies tees have.

This season's concept lies, once again, on Barcelona, where I'm from, and skate, but this time it takes inspiration from the 50's comic Spirit, Will Eisner's most famous character.

The WINTER 08 - SPRING 09 collection, as its name says, is for both seasons, so, if you prefer ordering it for spring send a mail booking the t-shirts you want, because there won't be a hi number of t-shirts for each design. Be quick.

This season is made up of:

The "Spirit" hoddie /Purple

The "Cap Living" hoddie /Black

The "Face-Flip" T-Shirt /White

The "Olympics" T-shirt /White

The "Cap Living" T-Shirt / Grass Green

The "Cap living" T-shirt /Royal Blue

The "Spirit" T-shirt /Navy
For orders, please, e-mail to

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