domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009


Very interesting stuff. The FF interviewed says huge truths about the sick current streetwear world without hating or criticizing, just real visible facts. Check it out Here.

A lil sneak peak:

"whats state of streetwear, it’s a god damn state of emergency with all this booboo going around and everyone acting so famous. People need to calm down and realize they aren’t that sick. Some people need to run more of a business instead of trying to be cool. Streetwear is dead."

" [...] in the beginning it was hard cause this industry has lots of haters drinking haterade 24/7 but we managed to not care and keep doing what we do."



Also into this jacket, one of the finets I've ever seen. Colors and materials are sick, the coi fish is extremely well set and the background pattern maches up perfectly with it. In love with the yellow zip. For further info: Foreign Family Web Site.

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