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The Lady Sounds by Melanie Manneville

Back in March I was told to design a tee for a friend rock band called The Lady Sounds. Their musical career included just a few concerts in unknown local concert halls, they were at the Emergenza semifinals tho. Their tracks were lo-fi home recordings, but the songs were, and still are, impressive. The t-shirt was drawn, but still not produced. Time passed by and nobody cared about it.

In the middle of September I and New Stuff released the Dynamite tee, which relived Above All. The brand was definitely active. The Ladies had been productive too; their songs were finally studio recorded, finalists at Emergenza and were about to play at Sala Monasterio, one of Barcelona's most underground concert sites. Both sides of the project realized this was the moment to launch the tee, and so we did.

Now, after a week from the release, the hundred tees we produced are sold out and are waiting to be reprinted due to the huge amount of people who couldn't get it.
The Lady Sounds, after having played at Indie.Pendent, have been called to play with the legendary American 80's punk band The Adolescents at the Apolo [2], to play at Luz de Gas, l'Eclectic club and at the Rocksound hall. More concerts are still to come... check out their myspace for further info. I strongly believe they're the future of the Barcelona musical scene.


The Lady Sounds x Above All - Red/White

The Lady Sounds x Above All - Black/White

The Lady Sounds x Above All - Yellow/Blue

The Lady Sounds x Above All- Royal Blue/Magenta

The Lady Sounds x Above All - White/Black


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